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Hello, I'm Lauren. I am a Clinical Psychologist located in Spring Hill, Brisbane. I offer individual psychotherapy to adults and late adolescents who are seeking support for emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal concerns.

I provide a safe space to think, feel, and talk together. I aim to work collaboratively with you to make sense of your current symptoms and to facilitate self-understanding.

I often work with people who experience:

Disturbance in mood, such as low mood and anxiety

Eating disorders and body image concerns

Low self-esteem or poor sense of self
Perfectionism and unrelenting high standards
Relationship difficulties
Adjustment to significant life transitions,
including changes in pregnancy and the perinatal period

To contact me about an initial consultation, please feel welcome to do so online, by phone or email. For further information about me and the way I work, please click on the links above.

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